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Rules of PokeMansion

Post by Squirrel on Mon Dec 13, 2010 8:55 am

Rules of PokeMansion:

This are the rules of PokeMansion. Anyone who breaks the rules will be given a warning. If the problem persist, we will have to ban the user. Not to be harsh, but because we want to keep things in order.

1) Respect everyone in the forums, respect everyone's ideas, and respect the forum itself. That means no racism, no sexism, or anything that will make someone uncomfortable (read rule #6 for more information). If you have to think about posting, it's better not to post it at all.

2) No extreme or foul language. We dont mind if it slips once in a while, but dont make a habit of it. Also, keep the spelling reasonable. We don't want it to be confusing or difficult when reading a post. Use common sense when posting essentially.

3) No spamming or advertising of any kind. We also adhere the 4 word post rule. That means we dont want a post just saying "Yeah", "Okay", or "LOL". Advertising in your signature is allowed though.

4) No double posting. That means once you posted, don't post again immemorially after. Theres a reason why they made the "EDIT" button. Use it if needed. We just don't want a page to be cluttered up with posts from one user. Although, if the thread hasn't been used in about a week, double posting can be allowed.

5) Please keep your avatars and signatures a reasonable size. Avatar's should really past the 150 x 150 pixels mark and Signatures shouldn't really past the 200 x 450 pixels mark. Although if they're just a bit over, we don't mind.

6) Please keep anything NSFW (Nor Safe for Work) inside a spoiler box. That means anything with sexual content or disturbing in general. This applies to mostly to the Fan-Fiction and RPG section of the forum. We want this place to be a great place for any member of any age.

7) Please don't Mini-Mod or ask to be a Mod as this can get annoying. If we need one, we will ask the person who we think is most qualified.

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